Shed Installation & Relocation

We offer professional shed installation and relocation for any style of sheds in New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic states. Find out more about these services, as well as our delivery services, and how we make it easy to install or move a new or existing shed in your backyard.

Shed Relocation

Whether you are moving to a new home, or simply want to move the shed to a different part of your yard, we can provide the equipment and skills needed to move and relocate your shed safely. Below are a few simple and key pieces of information needed before relocation can begin.

  • Shed height
  • Shed length
  • Shed width
  • Addresses
  • Where the shed is located and if it built on any foundation

Once our team completes an assessment and overview, we provide all of the tools needed for a smooth relocation process.

Shed Tear Down

Is there an old shed in your yard that is no longer wanted or needed? Are you upgrading a shed and the old one needs to come down? Let us handle any shed tear down services.

Offered as an add on service when any of our new sheds is purchased, we disassemble and take down your old shed when we deliver and install your brand-new shed. We come out to inspect the property and the area surrounding the shed to determine the best course of action to tear down the shed. Once the shed is taken apart, we provide cleanup services as well as preparation before installing the new shed.

Ground Prep

If work is needed to be done prior to installing a new shed, our team has the tools and experience necessary to get the job done. The shed should sit on a level surface with a proper foundation in place. Can’t decide on a grass, concrete, or gravel foundation? Let our team recommend the best method for the type of shed you are adding to your backyard.

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