Chicken Coops

Have you considered adding a backyard flock to your property? It’s easier than ever to raise chickens in your backyard with a custom chicken coop from Garden Oaks Specialties.

Benefits of Raising Chickens

Raising a backyard flock of chickens has several benefits. Besides having a constant supply of fresh eggs, raising chickens is a great way to teach your children responsibility, ecology, and sustainability. Our coops make it easy for even the youngest members of your family to care for your flock.

Custom Backyard Chicken Coop

Our backyard chicken coops are built to look great and last for years to come. We’ve thought of everything to make our coops as functional as possible – from the layout to roost height to human access. Plus, there are plenty of custom options and add-on features to tailor the structure to your needs.

Available Options

  • Six Styles: A-Frame, Tractor, Dutch, Lean-To, Quaker, Combination
  • Painted or Stained for Your Desired Appearance
  • Asphalt Shingles or Metal Roof Options
  • Additional Options: Cupola, Weathervane, Feeder, Heated Roost, Automatic Door Opener
  • Delivery & Professional Installation Available

Contact Us for Information & Pricing

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